Concrete curbing offers diverse options to suit any landscape, including different styles, colors, and stamps. Discover how these choices can create unique, functional, and visually appealing curbing that enhances your outdoor spaces.


The slant design makes curb stamps and designs more visible to the public and accessible. They are great for those who want to go all out with decorations for their curbs. Depending on the height of the slant, it can hold mulch in but make it easier to tend the grass or lawn. We can also include a tapered slant to maintain the customized appearance all the way to the back. This style is also one of the best when it comes to adding a print or design to your curbing.


The block design offers a robust and straightforward curb option, perfect for those who value simplicity and functionality. Its rectangular shape creates a strong barrier, effectively containing mulch, gravel, or other materials within its confines. This style also provides a solid backdrop for any decorative elements, such as stamps or patterns, allowing them to stand out. The block design is particularly suitable for modern or minimalist landscapes, delivering clean lines that enhance the overall aesthetic. Furthermore, its uniformity makes it an excellent choice for large-scale projects, offering a cohesive and professional finish.

Curbing Styles

As a homeowner or building manager, you may be trying to figure out the best way to improve your curb frontage or yard. Idaho Curb Appeal makes it easy and quick for you to find the best curb installation design depending on the landscape, your budget, and preferences.

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Decorative curb is installed to create boundaries along walkways, driveways, garden beds, around your home, and other areas of a landscape. Unlike metal or plastic, concrete curbs are extremely strong and appropriate for high-traffic areas.

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Curbing Colors

At Idaho Curb Appeal we appreciate the color of the regular concrete curbs. Hey, we enjoy simplicity too! But we also know that choices will always make any project more personal, value-centric, and satisfactory to our clients.

That’s why we’re offering a broad range of curbing colors!

  • Brown shades for a more earthy feel, which works well with green foliage
  • Yellows and reds for that incredible pop of colors
  • Burnt oranges that complement your Mediterranean home or garden
  • Blue, which is great for curb installations located near ponds and swimming pools

We use only the most trusted concrete coloring brands like Davis for our projects. And with our expert coloring technique, the concrete curb’s colors are vibrant and long-lasting. We also do antiquing color where the base is one color and then another color is added on top, which improves the overall look of your curb.

Did we fail to mention your favorite shades? Give us a call at 208-402-8171. We’ll be happy to come by and show you some samples. Our experts are also ready to help you pick the best color for your project.

Curbing Stamps

Do you know that you can do more with your curb installations than just the basic style? You can further highlight the borders, edges, and curbs with our decorative curbing stamps!

Landscape curb stamps are some of the best ways to make your outdoor space look even more aesthetically appealing, fitting to the theme of the area, or even more customized. When people think of your home or building, they know that it’s yours because of the curb stamps they see.

Idaho Curb Appeal offers a wide variety of patterns, textures, and styles to go along with your landscape curb installation projects:

  • Stone-inspired stamps, when you’re looking for elegance and not yet ready for our natural stone curbing: granite, slate, and limestone
  • Spanish texture for a more Mediterranean feel of your landscape or walkway
  • Cobblestone stamps, which we recommend when you like your landscape or outdoor space to look more European
  • Flagstone pattern to complement your paving design
  • Outback stamps, which is ideal for more rugged landscapes

Our company continues to invest in durable, trendy equipment such as rollers to make sure that we can offer more designs to our clients.

Give more life to your landscapes and curbs with stamps! Check out our curb installation prices now or schedule a free on-site visit by calling us at 208-402-8171.

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