Curbing Pricing

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The following are things that will adjust the cost of the curbing

$5 to $12/PER FOOT

  • The number of feet of curbing to be laid
  • The style of curb
  • The color selected (if any)
  • The stamp chosen (if any)
  • The preparedness of the property
  • The grade (steepness) of the property
  • Any obstacles that are in the path (such as trees, roots, etc.)
  • The number of stops and starts needed
  • Straight versus curved curb
  • Strengthening additives
  • The distance to travel to your location
  • The distance between where we can park our truck and where the curb is to be laid
Idaho Curb Appeal believes in transparency, but we also take pride in the fact that our services are 100% reasonable. More than anything, we believe in letting you get the best value for the buck!

The prices for our curb installation services can range from $5 to $12 per foot based on curb style plus preparation costs. Already included in the cost is our many hours of training and hard-to-beat craftsmanship!

As you can see, it’s almost impossible to give you an accurate estimate on our website. That is why we offer free estimates. Give us a call and we’ll go through the details of your project and provide you with an estimate on the cost.

We offer special discounts for large projects and landscaper deals!

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